At Fort Worth's Mimir Chamber Music Festival, Young Players Find Lessons in Schubert — and Teamwork

Over the past few weeks, chamber music has filled Texas Christian University’s School of Music. Outside classroom 113, one could hear the Solana Quartet rehearsing Schubert’s “Death and the Maiden” and Beethoven’s “Serioso,” in preparation for two concerts at the Mimir Chamber Music Festival, which runs through July 12 in Fort Worth. Solana, composed of four young musicians from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is one of three preformed ensembles (the Raritan Trio and the Zeitgeist Quartet being the other two) participating in Mimir’s Emerging Artists program. Professionals from prestigious organizations have taught these groups in private sessions and public masterclasses."A lot of the [teachers] here have a similar musical language. They have really great ideas that often overlap,” says Hannah Kasun, Solana’s cellist. “And [these ideas] are sometimes contrasting to what we might have experienced back home.”  Continue reading...

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