At 81, This American Airlines Flight Attendant Brings ‘a Little Love' to the Skies

ARLINGTON, Va. — It's early on a Thursday morning and flight attendant Bette Nash has just strolled up to Gate 19 at Reagan National Airport, where American Airlines Flight 2160 bound for Boston is parked and preparing for boarding.As she pauses at the counter to adjust her scarf, a 20-something guy looks up. He lets out a gasp."Oh, my God," he says excitedly. "Are you Bette Nash? Can I have your picture?"This is what life is like when you are Nash, who at 81 has been flying since Dwight D. Eisenhower was in the White House and a ticket for a flight cost $12.The 20-something in question, Pavel Boress, is an American Eagle flight attendant who has long known of Nash but never had the chance to meet her. Hugs are exchanged.He fumbles with his phone. The pair lean their heads together and snap a selfie — another one for the ages."Everybody in the industry knows about Bette," Boress says, still giddy from the encounter. "She's an inspiration."Nearby, Nash's longtime colleague, flight attendant Suellen Evans, watches with amusement."It happens all the time," she says. "Autographs, too."Patting her bag, Evans whispers, "I keep extra Sharpies just in case."  Continue reading...

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