As Trump Works to Fill Remaining Cabinet Spots, Three More Texans Flock to His Florida Resort

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump will meet with two Texas officials -- Susan Combs, the former Texas comptroller and agriculture commissioner, and former Rep. Henry Bonilla, of San Antonio -- on Friday as part of ongoing transition efforts.Combs, one of three Texans reportedly being considered to lead the department of agriculture, will visit Donald Trump at his Florida resort Wednesday to discuss the Cabinet position. Transition spokesman Sean Spicer said Trump will also meet with Bonilla, who was a member of Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council during the campaign.Bonilla, who served for six terms in Congress, spent three terms as chairman of a subcommittee on agriculture and rural development. He was also among those who cautioned Trump to tone down his rhetoric about Hispanic immigrants and other minority communities during the campaign season. "I would strongly advise him to tone it down and talk to people in a little more compassionate manner," he said in August.Bonilla could not be reached for comment.Combs and Bonilla aren’t the only Texans at Mar-a-Lago today: current Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller will also be visiting the Florida estate to meet with to transition officials, according to a spokesman in Miller’s office. Miller also serves on Trump’s agriculture advisory committee.Yesterday, Trump met with former Texas A&M president Elsa Murano, a third Texan in consideration for the agriculture post. Murano has experience serving in the department -- she was the highest-ranking food safety official in the United States under President George W. Bush.  Continue reading...

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