As the World Waits for April, Houston Giraffe Gives Birth Away From Cameras

While the world watched April do the same thing she's been doing for a live viewing audience since February 10, Tyra the giraffe gave birth to her calf at the Houston Zoo after 2 hours in labor.Born at 9:04 a.m. Monday, the day-old Masai giraffe is about 6-3 and weighs 139 pounds, the zoo said.She has been walking around, nursing and bonding behind the scenes with her mother. After a few days alone with mom, the calf is expected to make her public debut, the zoo said. Who knows, at the rate April's going, the still-unnamed calf may have a baby of her own before the giraffe delivers at the Animal Adventure Park in New York. According to the Houston Zoo, giraffe pregnancies last an average of 14 to 15 months.   Continue reading...

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