As the Property Tax War Resumes, Two Stories Show System Failures

On the eve of Texas lawmakers' debating property taxes again, The Watchdog joins in on the battle.I am going to tell you about the Texas mayor who abolished his town's property tax. The Watchdog also wants to show you how elected officials pass the buck and responsibility for your tax bill. Oh, that's the other guy's fault, they say.This is relevant now because, after an intermission, the property tax battle resumes this week in a Texas Legislature special session.But if you think there's any chance for a tax reduction, no way.These lawmakers, for all their conservative, limited government, freedom-loving values, don't have the (what body part shall I use?) uh, guts to fix the broken and unfair Texas property tax system.You know, the same system that raises your taxable value by the maximum 10 percent a year. (And if you're a renter, contributes to your rent increase.)Instead, we'll be as lucky as Jerry Jones landing Dak Prescott if lawmakers pass a law that forces city and county governments to ask our permission in a November election if they want to grow by more than 5 percent a year. Less than 5 percent growth, a city or county could do as it pleases without your OK.  Continue reading...

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