As Mexico's Presidential Election Nears, the Dirt Flies on Social Media

MEXICO CITY - No, President Trump didn't write a personal letter to Mexico's leading presidential candidate, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, inquiring about the Mexican presidential plane. Nor did presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya offer to help Trump build a border wall. And Pope Francis hasn't come out against Lopez Obrador, a Christian. Mexico's presidential campaign, already dirty, has had its share of fake news headlines. And the campaign is expected to get messier. The election is less than two months away on July 1st, when voters will pick over candidates for 3,400 local, state and federal races - with the six-year presidential term being the biggest prize. The five-person race has turned into a two-man contest between the leftist-populist Lopez Obrador of the political movement known as MORENA, and Anaya, of the conservative National Action Party, or PAN, and head of a right-left coalition. Lopez Obrador remains the frontrunner in polls released this week, following the first presidential debate on April 23. Anaya appears to be gradually gaining on him, and Jose Antonio Meade, candidate of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, is in third place and slipping further behind.The second of three debates is scheduled for May 20th in Tijuana where the focus will be "Mexico in the world," with immigration, border security and Mexican foreign policy high on the list or priorities for moderators who will include journalist Leon Krauze of Univision in Los Angeles.  Continue reading...

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