As His Corruption Trial Begins, John Wiley Price's Absence ‘very Obvious' at Dallas County

The black leather chair was noticeably empty Tuesday. For a long time, it's been the perch from which Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price spices up otherwise dry government meetings. Price has been a fixture in that seat wearing his custom-painted bow ties and colorful suits. It's where he sits, cracking jokes and handing out bobbleheads of himself. Minutes later, he's grilling hospital officials and going on tirades about racism in America. But on Tuesday morning, his seat sat empty for the first time in years, maybe decades, county officials said. Since he took office in 1985, Price has said, he's never taken vacation. Everyone at Commissioners Court knew where Price, 66, was sitting instead. He was seven blocks away in a different kind of court -- U.S. District Court -- for his corruption trial.   Continue reading...

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