As Dallas OKs Smart Housing Policy, Let's Make Sure the Next Right Things Happen

Mayor Mike Rawlings doubted it could happen. There was ample reason to believe the Dallas City Council might fracture when debate started. And City Manager T.C. Broadnax is still new enough to his role that some wondered if he could put together a plan that would succeed.But all of that washed away on Wednesday when the City Council unanimously approved a comprehensive housing plan that Dallas has long needed.The plan takes aim at the thorny problem that, for too many people, housing is too expensive in our city. To address that problem, this plan aims to create 20,000 new homes over the next three years. Those homes will be a mix of rentals and owner-occupied units.To accomplish this, the plan creates criteria for three types of investment areas that will be used to determine how to invest housing dollars.We like the plan for some of its central insights.  Continue reading...

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