As Dallas Boosts Its Dog-catching, Funders Respond With Huge Spay/neuter Help

The size of today's philanthropic donation for a spay/neuter surge in southern Dallas is huge. But far bigger is the reason why the three funders have provided $13.5 million.While these groups care about animal welfare, they are much more concerned about people. They want to make life safer and more satisfying for the city's southern residents.Just as we've long editorialized on the injustice of allowing dogs to run amok in the southern half of the city, the Communities Foundation of Texas, The Rees-Jones Foundation and The Dallas Foundation recognize this situation as a crisis in public safety and quality of life.Peter Brodsky, Animal Commission chair, summed up the donors' support like so: "They are driven by the desire to partner with the people of southern Dallas, to join together to solve this problem."  Continue reading...

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