Armed Teen Robs Couple Leaving Movie Screening at Downtown Dallas Park

Dallas police are investigating after a couple was robbed at gunpoint near a downtown park that was hosting a movie screening Thursday night.Shortly after 11 p.m., officers were called to the 1900 block of Main Street near Main Street Garden Park, where a public screening of the movie Jailhouse Rock was hosted by Downtown Dallas Inc. The 22-year-old victim told police that he and his girlfriend were still in the park after the crowd had dispersed when they were approached by a handful of teenage boys.One of the juveniles, a black teen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and black pants, pulled out a small revolver and attempted to grab the girlfriend's phone. She ran away.The robber then pointed the revolver at the 22-year-old and demanded his iPhone. The group took the phone and fled. No injuries were reported.A witness who posted about the robbery on the Deep Ellum Community Watch Facebook page said the group stole the cellphone before running toward Central Expressway on Commerce Street.The robbery is still under investigation, and no arrests have been made. Thursday's movie screening is the first in a series that runs until October.  Continue reading...

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