Applause for the Texas Legislature's Work on CPS, But Make It Quick and Get Back to Work

The Texas Legislature and governor deserve a round of applause for their work during the recent legislative session to strengthen Child Protective Services, keep kids safe, and ensure more kids thrive after they enter foster care. The applause should be loud, but make it quick because there's a lot more work to do.Last year, it became abundantly clear that there was a crisis. Media reports put a spotlight on tragically slow investigations of abuse, children sleeping in CPS offices, and other concerns. After years of reviewing evidence and testimony in a class action lawsuit against the state foster care system, the federal court released its initial ruling. The horror stories documented in the ruling made it clear that Texas leaders didn't just have a legal obligation to act, but also a moral obligation. Legislative leaders asked the commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services what he needed, and he had the courage to tell them.  Continue reading...

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