An American Airlines Flight Attendant Spilled a Tray of Drinks on a Passenger. Here's What CEO Doug Parker Did Next

Dallas-Fort Worth-based American Airlines flight attendant Maddie Peters finally had the privilege of meeting her CEO –- something not everyone working at a Fortune 500 company can say.Peters has never spilled a drink in her entire four-year career as a flight attendant. She also never imagined that when she inevitably did, it would be an entire tray of them — and that the chairman and CEO of the largest airline in the world would be the passenger on the receiving end.She was working a recent flight from Phoenix to D-FW, serving more than half a dozen pre-departure drinks to the first class cabin when a passenger unknowingly bumped into her."I had a full tray with drinks on it, when the passenger in front of me stops in the aisle and backs up," sending the entire tray of drinks flying, Peters described in her Instagram post Monday.Half of the drinks fell on her and the other half went into the lap of American CEO Doug Parker.  Continue reading...

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