American Airlines Executive's Widow Likely to Get Only Fraction of Dallas Jury's $8 Billion Award

JPMorgan Chase will probably face a judgment of no more than $90 million in a lawsuit claiming mismanagement of the estate of former American Airlines executive Max Hopper that initially resulted in an $8 billion jury verdict.Hopper's widow and children are asking a Dallas probate court to lower the amount of punitive and actual damages awarded to them in September by a jury, according to court filings.Lawyers for Stephen Hopper and Laura Wassmer want the court to limit punitive damages to them and their father's estate to about $70 million, down from a total of $6 billion awarded by the jury. Hopper and Wassmer also asked for $3.9 million for losses and attorneys' fees.The widow, Jo Hopper, asked the court to lower her award to $14.4 million, according to a filing from her lawyers disclosed Friday.The final award could go even lower. JPMorgan is seeking to reverse the entire judgment.  Continue reading...

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