Amazon to Put $700 Million Into Helping 100,000 Workers Learn Next-gen Skills

Amazon, needing a more tech-savvy workforce, is offering to pay to retrain its employees and help them switch to more technical jobs at Amazon or elsewhere.The online shopping giant said Thursday that it plans to spend $700 million by 2025 to retrain 100,000 workers, or a third of its U.S. workforce. The initiative could help Amazon find and keep more workers With a strong economy and unemployment near a 50-year low, workers have more options, giving employers a tougher time finding help."The harder it is to hire workers from the outside, the more sense it makes to invest in training the workers you already have," said Jed Kolko, chief economist at job site Indeed.Amazon employs more than 11,000 workers at fulfillment and sorting centers around Dallas-Fort Worth. It also has about 500 employees in North Dallas in its retail and Amazon Web Services businesses, and plans to build a regional air cargo hub at Fort Worth's Alliance Airport that'll add hundreds more jobs.  Continue reading...

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