‘Alt Right' Leader Richard Spencer Isn't Wild About Voting But Backed Democrat Kerry, as Well as Trump

Dallas native and white supremacist leader Richard Spencer has expressed his disdain for voting, especially by women.But he has voted in Dallas County and in at least two other states besides Texas, according to voting records obtained by The Dallas Morning News. Some of those votes were for Democrats.“What did it say? I’m curious,” Spencer, 39, said when asked by The News about how he cast his votes. “John Kerry in 2004, right?”Spencer, the self-appointed leader of the “alt-right” -- a term he coined for a movement that embraces white supremacist views and Nazi symbols -- told The News it isn’t hypocritical for him to vote.“I think that something might not be the greatest system in the world, but it doesn’t mean, therefore, I can’t participate or anything like that,” Spencer said.  Continue reading...

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