Aldi Is Almost Halfway Done With Dallas-Fort Worth Store Remodels While Lidl Hasn't Yet Arrived

Aldi's aggressive nationwide remodeling plans will reach a halfway point in Dallas-Fort Worth soon and be 75 percent done by year end. The discount grocer said it's starting work on another batch of local stores and has completed 17 of its 54 D-FW locations so far.Aldi is spending $66 million locally. The retailer said in early 2017 that it would spend $1.6 billion to remodel and expand 1,300 stores nationwide and that D-FW stores will be done in 2019. One of its biggest competitors from Germany - Lidl (pronounced lee-dle) -- has slowed down its U.S. entrance, finding it harder to attract the American grocery shopper than anticipated.Early on, Lidl had talked about a 2018 Texas timetable, but that's appears less likely."We have secured a number of sites in Texas for future growth, but have not set a timeline for formal expansion into the state," said Lidl spokeswoman Chandler Ebeier in an emailed response. "Our operational focus remains along the East Coast, where we are currently building and opening our stores." Lidl has 51 stores in 6 states along the East Coast and plans to open its 52nd store in Richmond, Virginia, next week, she said. Aldi has said it plans to have 2,500 U.S. stores by 2022.  Continue reading...

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