Airport Safety, Amazon Incentives, Executive Changes: Friday's Business Briefing

Your lunchtime look at D-FW business. Follow us on @DMNBizDFW Airport has 'brilliant' plan to prevent birds from bringing down planesProtecting passengers at DFW International Airport costs millions of dollars annually and often relies on state-of-the-art electronics. But a recent safety initiative there uses a simpler formula: a biologist with a scalpel, a botanist with a magnifying glass and hundreds of unlucky birds.DFW Airport could become a pioneer in the prevention of collisions of birds and airplanes, which happen in a tiny fraction of flights but can be catastrophic in rare cases. Wildlife strikes have been blamed for more than 250 deaths worldwide since 1988 and cost $900 million annually in the U.S., according to Bird Strike Committee USA.Usually, a collision between an airplane weighing tons and a bird weighing grams or pounds has little consequence for passengers. However, in some cases, such incidents have been enough to take down large passenger jets.-Jeff MosierPlus: Find more on DFW Airport  Continue reading...

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