Air Taxis? Bell Helicopter Unveils What the Future Could Look Like

Air taxis may still be a fantasy for Dallas drivers stuck in traffic, but they're a business project for Bell Helicopter.The Fort Worth-based aviation company is showing off its air taxi design at CES, a Las Vegas trade show formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show. It's the first appearance at CES for the 82-year-old producer of commercial and military aircraft, including manned and unmanned helicopters. For now, Bell Helicopter's air taxi is a flashy and futuristic-looking prototype. It has a slick silver exterior and a four-passenger cabin with leather seats. On its website, the company dubbed the aircraft "the future of transportation." The company says the air taxi, which would lift off vertically, is designed for an urban environment. In its cabin, a display area would allow passengers to watch world news or hold a video conference call while flying over car traffic below.At the trade show, attendees can use an augmented reality simulator to experience what it'd be like to travel across town in the skies rather than on a highway.  Continue reading...

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