After Years of Rumors That Char Bar in Dallas Is Closing, It Finally Is

The Greek brothers who have operated Melios Bros Char Bar for nearly 50 years are finally closing their little blue cafe on Lower Greenville Avenue in Dallas.This comes as a shock, but no surprise. It was, we knew, only a matter of time.We wrote in May 2019 that the end was near, but that Theodore "Tommy" Melios and his brothers Mike, Alex and Gus were hoping to remain open until Christmastime. They'd weathered decades of ups and downs on Greenville Avenue, all while serving a good burger (and gyro and grilled cheese and so on) at a great price.But on Sept. 22, Char Bar will serve its last customers. After more than two decades of year-to-year lease extensions and reprieves from property owners Marc and Roger Andres, who began looking for a new tenant earlier this year, there is no next time this time."It hurts me to leave," said 76-year-old Tommy Melios. "I put my life — my whole life — into this." He opened the restaurant with his brothers in 1971, six years before he got married. His three daughters were raised in the restaurant, and Tommy said he's slept in those weathered red booths. "Many times."  Continue reading...

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