After Uterine Transplant Leads to Baby, Baylor Flooded With Calls About How to Join Study

Within a few hours of Baylor University Medical Center announcing two weeks ago that it had successfully delivered the first baby in the U.S. to a mother who had undergone a uterine transplant, inquiries began pouring in to the facility. In just one week, Baylor logged nearly 400 calls and emails from potential donors and recipients.As she sits in her office at the Baylor transplant center in Dallas, uterine transplant nurse Kristin Posey Wallis sifts through the messages. She adds each name to a spreadsheet and then begins the process of calling each person back, one by one. As the clinical trial nurse coordinator, hers is the first voice from Baylor they’ll hear.The people who make it through this first line of screening may be the next to enroll in the ongoing study that aims to create an option for women suffering from absolute uterine infertility, who until recently, had no hope of carrying a baby.Right now, there are 10 enrolled in Baylor's clinical trial, and two still are awaiting donor uteruses. The center hopes to eventually extend the trial, but the focus now is to ensure each current participant receives a uterus.  Continue reading...

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