After Latest Bribery Case, Dallas City Hall Owes You More Than the Usual Shrug and Sigh

Everyone claims to be sick and tired of the kind of money grab outlined Friday in the feds’ case against former City Council member Carolyn Davis and developer Ruel Hamilton. But when will we be sufficiently fed up with political corruption at Dallas City Hall to do something about it?If you’ve been around Dallas as long as I have, you’ve heard the same overarching complaint about City Hall for decades: It has the reputation of a place where developers must pay to play — and the most successful ones seem to do just that in some form. Hamilton’s attorney said he’s not guilty, but Davis’ plea serves as the latest evidence that too many people still see 1500 Marilla as a lucrative trough.City Hall might as well be Rick’s Cafe Americain from Casablanca — every few years, we hear leaders say they’re “shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here,” just before they’re handed their winnings.  Continue reading...

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