After Cringe-worthy Photo, Let Voters Decide on Rep. Joe Barton's Future

Like everyone, we were nonplussed by the photo circulating around the internet last week of Rep. Joe Barton, naked with his privates (thankfully) obscured by a squiggly blue marker. That the image was a still from a video of him masturbating made it even ickier.But icky is not the same as illegal, or even the same as egregious. And no, Barton should not face pressure to resign his long-held seat in Congress, where he has avoided personal scandal.It's vital to understand what Barton has not been accused of. No one associated with the video has alleged he sent it as a form of harassment or coercion, or that its intended recipient was inappropriate because of age or her working relationship with Barton. Should new details emerge, these conclusions could change.   Continue reading...

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