After Being Hit by a Drunken Driver, This Irving Cop Wants to Stop Accidents Like His Own

The headlights of the dark-tinted police car illuminate the SUV ahead as the two vehicles travel down State Highway 183. The wheels of the late-'90s Tahoe briefly touch the dotted white line once, then twice, barely edging out of the lane."That one looks promising," Irving police Officer Stephen W. Burres III says.Burres flicks on his lights. After the car pulls over about a minute later, a quick look through the back windows reveals crumpled Modelo cans shoved under the seats.The driver isn't drunk, though, and it seems like the stop is going to result in just a citation for open containers — until a passenger tries to ditch a baggie of cocaine right in front of Burres.The resulting arrest — Burres' only one of the night — isn't totally out of the ordinary for the DWI officer.  Continue reading...

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