After 100 Days, Trump Hasn't Let Up on Impulsiveness, Intensity Or Egotism

Long before voters put Donald Trump in the White House, critics on the right and the left feared the impact electing someone so untested and impulsive could have on our country and the world. President Trump has now been in office 100 days, and we are beginning to see just what kind of president he is.We're disappointed the president has done so little to assuage those fears.There have been some bright spots, and we applaud them. His selection of the extremely conservative and highly qualified Neil Gorsuch to replace Justice Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, to cite one, was a promise kept to conservative voters, and one that will likely pay dividends for them for many years to come.But day in and day out, what has worried us about Trump as president is the same kind of hair-trigger impetuosity and thin-skinned egotism that made him such an alarming candidate.  Continue reading...

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