Addison Rehab Center Doing Its Part to Help Local Firefighters

Dozens of Addison firefighters have added a new training program to their schedules.Unlike the often repetitive workouts firefighters do during a shift to stay in shape, this program, which began in January, focuses on preventing the injuries that can follow firefighters after they leave the station. "I'd like to see a healthier Fire Department and a lot of people that can work their whole careers injury-free, enjoy their retirement someday, and have a healthy after-fire service," Addison Fire Chief David Jones said.Twice a week, the firefighters will end their shifts with a trip to REACT Neuro-Rehab, where Ryan Bachik plans to offer a healthy breakfast and time to relax before leading them through specialized workouts.His wife, Kendell, opened REACT after an October 2009 car wreck. Doctors suggested she join an assisted living program that could accommodate her new disabilities.Instead, she had to travel all the way to California to enroll in an activity-based program that restored her independence."I fell through the cracks of our traditional medical system and went looking for answers," Kendell Bachik said. So she decided to "open my own place and continue to do this."  Continue reading...

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