Across-the-board Raises for Texas Teachers Are a Bad Idea, and Dallas Can Show You Why

The good news is that preliminary budgets show that Texas lawmakers in the House and the Senate want to make good on their promises to send billions more to public school districts in this state this session.The state’s 5 million-plus students won’t have the best shot at success without the state making a bigger financial contribution, one that also lessens the burden on local taxpayers. The House budget includes $9 billion more, the Senate’s about $6 billion.But we worry about the Senate’s proposal to spend $3.7 billion to give every teacher a $5,000 across-the-board raise. We’d be the first to say that keeping and attracting good teachers is the linchpin to student success. But the goal here should be to offer incentives that can get the best possible teachers in front of classrooms.  Continue reading...

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