Across From the U.S., at Tourist Spots and Elsewhere, Mexico Grapples With Thousands of Murders

REYNOSA, Mexico -- This country's tenuous security situation is falling apart. Reports from across Mexico paint a picture of a nation reeling back on its heels as murders and massacres flourish.Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, just across the U.S. border, lead the nation and continent in homicides with more than 2200 and 1000 respectively in 2018. The Cancun area, a popular destination for tourists, had more than 500 murders last year.And the trend is not getting better. Recent massacres span from Veracruz to Guadalajara and across Tamaulipas, where Reynosa is a critical crossing point for U.S.-Mexico trucking business.In the first quarter of 2019, there were 8,493 murders, according to the Executive Secretariat of the Public Security National System, a 9.6 percent rise on the same period in 2018.  Continue reading...

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