A Trump Tormentor, Houston Rep. Al Green, to Introduce Legislation to Block Presidential Self-pardons

WASHINGTON — The Texas congressman who has called for President Donald Trump’s impeachment is now behind legislation to block him from pardoning himself, just days after the president declared he has "complete power" over the matter.Houston Rep. Al Green, a Democrat who has accused Trump of obstruction of justice for firing former FBI director James Comey in May, said he’s introducing the legislation because “presidential self-pardons” would “place the president above the law and beyond justice.”“It would make the president his own final judge, jury, and prosecutor,” he said in a statement on Monday, adding: “The United States of America would become a country of laws for all but the president.”The push comes days after The Washington Post reported that Trump — frustrated by the ongoing Justice Department and congressional investigations into whether his campaign members colluded with Russia to sway the election — has asked advisers about his authority to pardon himself and people close to him in connection with the probes.Attorneys for Trump have dismissed that story as “nonsense,” but Trump reignited the debate Saturday by declaring in a tweet that "all agree" a president has “the complete power to pardon.”  Continue reading...

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