A Minor Traffic Dispute Shouldn't Thrust a College Town Into a Crisis, But It Did.

A racially tinged roadway feud that spilled over into a big-box store parking lot has turned the small college town of Commerce inside out.The police chief resigned, rightly so.A school board member stepped down, rightly so.And the city is struggling to regain its footing after a Texas A&M University-Commerce student, a former Miss Black Texas, was thrown in jail last month because she wouldn't bow down before two influential officials whose egos got the best of them.How this squabble morphed into national headlines, threats of protests and resignations is a textbook case in the strained relations between law enforcement and persons of color.Nobody got shot.Nobody got killed.There was no bloodshed.There wasn’t even an accident that we can point to as the source of all this heartache.It was merely some “erratic” driving that drove two overheated motorists into a verbal shoving match in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, which is like the mall in a small town.  Continue reading...

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