A Dallas Developer's Major Henderson Avenue Makeover Is in Limbo — Here's Why

Two weeks before Christmas, Dallas developer Mark Masinter thought his years-long dream of a mixed-use makeover for North Henderson Avenue was coming to a swift end at the hands of Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Adam Medrano and some fierce East Dallas critics."I was getting the sense that unfortunately, it was going the wrong direction," Masinter said. "And I'm often accused of being too positive of a thinker."Masinter's proposal, which requires approval for a significant zoning change, won a reprieve after Medrano and neighboring council member Philip Kingston moved to leave the project in limbo for another three months.Now, they'll try to find a solution — one that tones down Masinter's ambitions — in what has become a contentious and complicated zoning case."I've never lost sleep over a case," Medrano said during the meeting. "And this has done it."  Continue reading...

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