A Dallas Cop Embraced Firefighter Father's Life Long Before Attack Brought Them Together

By now, perhaps, you have seen the photograph as it passed through your social media feed, one shared hundreds of times showing a cop and a firefighter embracing at the scene of a South Dallas shooting Monday.Before it was all over, a paramedic would be left in critical condition and two men, including the shooter, would be dead.You might have forgotten about the image. When it appeared on our Facebook page, the caption said only that "a Dallas police officer comforts a Dallas firefighter" near the scene of that morning's shooting. But I couldn't forget about it. And a day later, it came back to me when the Dallas Police Association revealed that the firefighter is the police officer's father.For the record, their names are William Bruce and William Bruce Jr. I thought you might want to know that.  Continue reading...

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