A Band of Idiots, Clowns and Thieves Are En Route to Flooded Areas, and They’re Up to No Good

In a two-part series, The Watchdog show smart ways to fend off crooked contractors. And he names the lawmaker most responsible for not protecting Texans.Part One:Dear South and Southeast Texans,You may know this already, but you're about to meet the most charming men in the world.Here, in your hours of greatest need, you'll receive an unwanted barrage of telemarketers, deceitful fliers and obnoxious front-door visitors. They all want one thing.Your signature on a contract.You need a builder? You need a roofer? I hope you like to gamble.Texas is the only wide open state in the hurricane-prone Gulf for roofers and builders. No license required. No prior experience needed.  Continue reading...

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