A $3 Million Bankroll Seeks to Link North Texas Nonprofits Together

Seeking to nurture collaboration among nonprofit agencies, the Dallas Foundation, Lyda Hill Foundation, the Meadows Foundation and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas have established the Better Together Fund with a $3 million bankroll.The Better Together Fund plans to disperse grants of $3,000 to $600,000 to cover the costs of planning a collaboration. It will also help coordinate professional advice and resources.The application criteria are that the nonprofit does work in North Texas and that the project links at least one nonprofit with another nonprofit or corporation or government agency."The goal of the Better Together Fund is to provide the financial assistance, expert resources and time needed to explore potential strategic shifts in thinking that result in more positive change faster," explained Lyda Hill Foundation CEO Nicole Small.Small serves on the fund's steering committee with other nonprofit executives, including Margaret Black of the Lyda Hill Foundation, the Meadows Foundation's Bruce Esterline and Charles Glover, Mary Jalonick and Helen Hollman of the Dallas Foundation, and Susan Hoff and Ashley Brundage from United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. To apply, visit bettertogetherfund.org.  Continue reading...

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