86 Mph Over the Limit — Just One of the 10 Fastest Speeding Tickets in Dallas-Fort Worth

The highest speed limit in Texas is 85, but even that's not fast enough for some people.The Drive recently published a list that included 228 tickets for driving over 120 mph in Texas. The data, obtained from the state Department of Public Safety through an information request, covers Texas Highway Patrol stops in 2018. Most of the tickets went to people who were driving 122 mph to 129 mph. The fastest on the list was the driver of a Porsche 911 who was cited for 166 in a 75 in Carson County.The list doesn't include fines, which DPS does not set. The penalties for speeding and reckless driving are determined by state statute, and punishments can be determined by the justice of the peace and courts in each county, DPS spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger said. "These can vary based on the circumstances and precedent in a particular area," she said.Below are the top 10 tickets from the list that were issued in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall, Denton, Tarrant, Parker, Hunt and Wise counties.Chisholm Trail Parkway: 86 mph over The fastest in North Texas and the fifth in the state overall was the driver of a 2002 Honda CBR motorcycle who was cited for 156 in a 70 near or on Chisholm Trail Parkway in Tarrant County. The trooper's notes say the "subject increased speed from 114 mph to 156 mph" and failed to stop for a red light.  Continue reading...

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