7 Women Say Plano Healer Committed Sex Assault Under Guise of ‘internal Adjustments'

A Plano healer arrested this month on a sexual assault charge stands accused by several women of molesting them under the guise of medical treatment — allegations that span a decade.Michael Solberg, 58, was arrested last week and charged with sexually assaulting a patient 10 years ago. Six women she's met since reporting the incident hope her story will convince officials to listen to their own.Solberg's first accuser said there was no easy way to explain to police when she reported in early 2009 what Solberg had done to her at his clinic on McKinney Avenue in Dallas. "I definitely felt like I had to explain, and I was kind of being looked at like, 'Oh, is this for real?'" she said. The woman isn't being named because The Dallas Morning News generally doesn't identify those alleging sexual assault.She said she struggled to make officials understand how, in the middle of a medical massage in February 2009, he'd wordlessly begun pressing his bare hand into her vagina."I feel like they [police] discouraged me from pressing charges, saying 'it's your word against his.'"Dallas police declined to speak about the allegations against Solberg or detail the 2009 case against him.Years later, the first accuser went back to police, and now — a decade after her last appointment with Solberg — she's one of seven women formally accusing him of sexual assault.Several of them reported the co-owner of Solberg Center for Structural Integration before, but he was never convicted.Solberg, the co-owner of Solberg Center for Structural Integration, which operates in Plano and Dallas, declined to comment for this story.The official allegations stretch from from early 2009 to late 2018, and range from grazing one woman's breast to penetrating several others with an ungloved hand. Two of the women, including the accuser in the current case, ended up in the hospital with injuries sustained in their appointments with him, they say.In every case, the women say, they were lulled into trusting him by his friendly attitude and medical expertise.  Continue reading...

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