57,000 Hondurans Could Face Deportation as Trump Phases Out Temporary Protection Status

Honduran immigrants with temporary work permits on Friday became the sixth group from a foreign nation to be told by the Trump administration that they should go home.The decision to end temporary protection status, or TPS, affects about 57,000 Hondurans, including 9,000 in Texas. They are the second largest group of TPS beneficiaries to receive a termination notice -- meaning when their permits expire, they’ll have to have some other immigration status to remain legally, or will be in the U.S. as unauthorized immigrants if they don’t leave the country.No other president has terminated TPS for as many people as President Donald Trump. Trump has made a crackdown on legal and illegal immigration a signature issue of his administration.The program functions as a sort of temporary mercy for immigrants already in the U.S. when a natural disaster or armed conflict breaks out.  Continue reading...

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