57 White Supremacist Gang Members Charged in Large North Texas Drug Trafficking, Kidnapping Conspiracy

Federal authorities have charged 57 members of several white supremacist prison gangs in a large North Texas drug trafficking and kidnapping conspiracy following a joint investigation by federal, state and local police agencies.Officials arrested 42 of the gang members last week, U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said Monday morning during a news conference.Nine others were already in custody for unrelated state charges, and six are still being sought, she said.The defendants are linked to several violent and racist prison gangs that include the Aryan Circle, the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, the Peckerwoods, the Soldiers of Aryan Culture, and the Dirty White Boys, the indictment says."It is clear that these hate-fueled gangs will do whatever they must do in order to carry on their drug trafficking business," Cox said. "Firearms, body armor, illegal drugs, drug proceeds and unspeakable physical violence are the tools of their trade."The conspiracy to sell methamphetamine ran from October 2015 through April 2018 and employed "stash houses" to store the drug, according to the indictment.Four of the defendants kidnapped a non-member in January over an alleged $600 drug debt and held him for several days during which they tortured him, Cox said. They put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him, They also hit him on the back of his head with a large wooden object and chopped off a portion of his left index finger with a hatchet, Cox said. Agents seized about $376,500 in cash and intercepted more than 190 kilograms of methamphetamine along with 31 firearms, Cox said.   Continue reading...

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