5 Ways the American Dream Is Broken for the Working Poor in Dallas

The Dallas Morning News spent the better part of a year analyzing the obstacles keeping our neighbors in poverty poor. The idea of the American Dream is that anyone can start from the bottom and work their way up by their own means. Unfortunately, that isn't happening for everyone.Nearly 31,000 impoverished Dallasites work full-time year-round and come home every day just as poor as they were the day before. More than half of them are women. Seventy-five percent of them having children living at home. Read our full dive into the current state of the working poor in Dallas hereHere are 5 ways strong work ethic and a full-time job are no longer the recipe for success for the impoverished that Dallas has failed:1. When you factor in transportation, Dallas is one of the least affordable big cities to live in  Continue reading...

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