4 Reasons You Should Help Create Dallas' New Cultural Plan

This year, Dallas' Office of Cultural Affairs is creating the city's first cultural plan since 2002. A yearlong schedule of public events such as town halls, online surveys and meetings allows city leaders to hear from the people who mean the most: us.Here's why each of us should take the responsibility of letting the Office of Cultural Affairs know how we want to see the relationship between community and art change.1. Financial support for artistsThe arts are, without a doubt, necessary for society and humanity to function. But we are not adequately supporting our artists financially. Where is our International Cultural Calendar? Where are the abundance of artists, writers and poets who draw and write pieces on the spot? It is clear that artists do not feel financially secure; this cultural plan could give them a chance. Artists from all socioeconomic backgrounds should be able to find opportunity in the arts industry here in Dallas.  Continue reading...

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