3-year-old Boy Found Alone in Texas Near Border After Agents Pursue Suspected Illegal Immigrants

A 3-year-old boy found in a cornfield near Brownsville and believed to be part of a group entering the U.S. illegally was rescued by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, who amused the child with movies and games until he was transferred for processing.The agency reported that the situation began early Tuesday morning, just north of the Rio Grande, where agents of its Fort Brown station saw a group of people they believed had entered the country illegally.The people scattered into the overgrown field when agents tried to intercept them, and an agency K9 team was deployed to search the area.In the process, they found the child alone and crying, but attempts to find his parents in the area were for naught.The boy could not speak well enough to communicate but had his name and a phone number scrawled on his shoes; however, additional attempts to reach family members remained unsuccessful.A hospital check declared the boy in good condition, and a supervisory border-patrol agent bought clothing for the boy. Meanwhile, agency officers kept him entertained with games and movies until he was taken to a processing center, where is being cared for by childcare staff.  Continue reading...

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