3 Things to Watch as GOP Sprints to Pass Sweeping Tax Overhaul Early Next Week

WASHINGTON Republicans offered on Wednesday what could amount to their closing arguments in favor of a $1.5 trillion tax revamp that's unlike anything Congress has produced in more than three decades.President Donald Trump, using the White House's bully pulpit, touted the prospect of "one of the biggest pieces of legislation ever signed." The GOP-heavy conference committee hosted its only public meeting on a plan that Texas Rep. Kevin Brady, the House's top tax writer, called "historic."And Republican leaders from the House and Senate announced that a pact had been struck to reconcile their competing legislation, setting off a flurry of leaks over what deals were made."So many people have said that tax reform couldn't be done," said Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the Senate's No. 2 Republican who is also a member of the conference committee. "Today, I'm glad to say that those naysayers were wrong."  Continue reading...

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