3 More Arrested in Hazing Scandal at Texas School Where 10 Charged With Sex Assault

Three more people have been arrested in connection with a hazing scandal at a San Antonio-area high school, KENS5-TV reported.It's unclear what charges the three face, and whether they are juveniles. The latest round of arrests bring the total charged in the case to 13. Up to this point the 10 arrested, all of whom were at some point athletes at La Vernia High School, have been charged with sexual assault over allegations that date back as far as 2014. La Vernia Police Chief Bruce Ritchey said the hazing primarily involved the football team, but the basketball and baseball teams were also involved.One victim's mother told KABB-TV that the victims were held down in the locker rooms while a lookout watched the door for coaches. They would "stick various items up their rectum including Coke bottles, deodorant bottles, steel pipes, baseball bats," she told the station. A 16-year-old also reported that Alejandro Ibarra, one of his football teammates, held him down and sexually assaulted him with the end of a tank of carbon dioxide, San Antonio Express-News reported.  Continue reading...

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