26 North Texas Cities Where Landlords Won't Rent to Poor Families on Section 8

Affordable housing is one of North Texas' most pressing issues, but the top program to help poor Dallas families make rent is failing.Thousands of Dallas families rely on Section 8 housing vouchers to pay rent. The program uses federal dollars to help low-income families rent apartments or houses from private landlords. The family pays 30 percent of its income toward rent and utilities; the government covers the rest. But this program only works if landlords accept vouchers, and these days many do not. In North Texas, entire communities are off limits to these poor renters because apartment complexes there don't participate in the program, according to a survey by The Inclusive Communities Project, a Dallas nonprofit. 'It's not worth it': Section 8 housing vouchers are supposed to be golden tickets and this Dallas man just gave his up  Continue reading...

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