2017 The Year in Photos

LETTER FROM THE EDITOROn this year's cover, we have used Louis DeLuca's photo of the Pham family who were rescued during Hurricane Harvey. To hear Louis tell you about this photo, he would say, "It is a point of light in a time of darkness." To me, this image is the embodiment of service, aid and human kindness.Throughout the year, Smiley N. Pool has taken us to great heights, showing us Dallas from above. As we gaze at these images, we realize the geometry and symmetry of urban sprawl. The perspective is different. The light is beautiful. We are used to seeing the city from behind the wheel of a car or seeing the airport from the long lines, moving sidewalks and skywalks as we begin our journeys. Viewing it all from above feels magical and reminds us of our scale in this vast universe.Ashley Landis has charmed us by documenting small-town beauty queens. Her exploration of these communities brings home so clearly what we all love about summer and small towns.As 2017 comes to a close, a heartfelt thank you to Andy Jacobsohn, Ashley Landis, David Woo, Evans Caglage, Guy Reynolds, Irwin Thompson, Jae S. Lee, Louis DeLuca, Michael Hamtil, Nathan Hunsinger, Ron Baselice, Rose Baca, Ryan Michalesko, Smiley N. Pool, Tailyr Irvine, Tom Fox and Vernon Bryant. Once again, everyone on the team has dazzled us and stolen our breath away with their incredible imagery. I hope you are touched and moved by the visual storytelling done by the team of The Dallas Morning News.Can't wait to see what you all do in 2018!Marcia L. Allert, Director of Photography  Continue reading...

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