2017 Makes These Satirical Predictions for 2018 Seem Realistic

After a unique 2017, can the denizens of the D.C. swamp outdo themselves in 2018? Let's look ahead with my annual not-totally-serious forecast:January: With job approval at 38, President Donald Trump announces White House shake-up, naming Gen. John Kelly chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff and, with Middle East negotiations moribund, son-in-law Jared Kushner as chief of staff. Former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken rejoins cast of "Saturday Night Live." In State of the Union speech, Trump hails "most successful first year of any president," asking Congress to repeal Obamacare, rebuild nation's infrastructure, fund the wall and stop trying to sanction "our friends" in Russia.February: New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl. Independent Counsel Robert Mueller announces perjury indictment of Kushner, charging multiple incorrect statements in federal filings. Communications Director Hope Hicks becomes chief of staff. Attorney General Jeff Sessions appoints Ken Starr as Special Counsel to investigate the role of Hillary and Bill Clinton in selling U.S. uranium sites to Russian governmental company. South Korea calls off Winter Olympics after U.S. withdraws team, warning of "imminent" North Korean attack. Trump job approval at 35.  Continue reading...

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