13-year-old Critical After Attempting Suicide in State Lockup

AUSTIN — A 13-year-old boy is in critical condition at a Fort Worth hospital after attempting to hang himself Friday at a state lockup for juvenile offenders.Texas Juvenile Justice Department officials confirmed Tuesday that the teen was transferred to Cook Children's Medical Center following a suicide attempt at the Ron Jackson Unit in Brownwood, between Abilene and Austin. Officials declined to reveal the youth's name or the crime for which he was sentenced."NM has not regained consciousness and hope of recovery diminishes with each passing hour," executive director David Reilly wrote Monday in an email to agency staff, using the boy's initials. "This is a devastating incident for this child, his family, [Ron Jackson] staff and for our agency." Agency officials also confirmed that two youths escaped from a separate state juvenile lockup Monday, though they were caught and returned in about an hour. Reilly said in the email that the agency would investigate both incidents."We will continue do everything in our power to minimize these events and will conduct a critical review, be self-reflective, learn what we can, change what we can and stay mission-focused," Reilly wrote.  Continue reading...

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