$1 Million Lawsuit Claims T-shirt Fired Into Crowd by Astros Mascot Broke Woman's Finger

Is a T-shirt worth more than $1 million? A Houston-area woman thinks so. Jennifer Harughty, 25, of Montgomery, is suing the Houston Astros after she says a T-shirt fired into the crowd by team mascot Orbit shattered her index finger.It happened during a game against the Chicago White Sox last season in which the shirt, fired from a "bazooka-style" cannon, left her facing multiple surgeries and physical therapy, the Houston Chronicle reported."Nothing was going to be done," Harughty's attorney, Jason Gibson, told the Chronicle. "We were directed to the general counsel, and he basically said, 'file your lawsuit.' He asked for it, and he got it. We were hoping to get this resolved, but that didn't happen."Harughty, a real estate broker, said her finger has little to no range of motion and is locked in an extended position, the Chronicle reported.The suit was filed Monday and assigned to Judge Tanya Garrison's 157th state District Court.Baseball tickets carry a liability waiver that states that attendees should be aware of the risks associated with the game, including the chances of getting injured by stray balls or other objects."That's not the type of risk you assume going to a baseball game, although they may take that position," Gibson said in the Chronicle. "Ours will be that you don't assume the risk of having someone fire a cannon at you that creates that much force at that proximity that can cause that kind of damage."Harughty wants the team to pay her medical bills, Gibson told Houston television station KPRC, adding that total medical costs so far hover around $30,000 to $40,000.Orbit could not be reached for comment.  Continue reading...

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