Get Minxed! Fashion Makeover for Your Nails


What the stars are wrapping on their nails is the latest craze in Hollywood and now it’s moved east. It's not nail polish but something called "Minx."  

"It's fun. I get to have fun nails," Sarah Malinoski said. 

It's really taken off at salons all over the country.

"It's a solid, very thin film that has an adhesive back to it and it's heat-activated and it forms a waterproof seal on your nail,” nail technician Lynne Maillet said.

Minx doesn't chip, smudge or smear and lasts for about two weeks.

There's no shortage of options either.

"My favorite part is there are over 200 designs,”  Maillet said.

The designs include plaids, stripes, flames -- you name it. You can get a different design for every digit.

Marsha Roya recently tried Minx for the first time.

"I think it's a great, great concept. I love that there's no drying time afterward. I'm very happy with it," Roya said.

Sarah Malinoski, on the other hand, has had Minx mania for months.

"It's just so easy to have it done. You sit and it's not even an hour and I can leave. I can button up my jacket. I can get my keys. I don't have to worry about smudging. I don't have to worry about nicks," Malinoski said.

If you do get a smudge, just fire up the hair dryer to heat up the nail and smooth over the surface. It’s that simple.  Another feature, minx isn’t just for finger.

"The toes are just a place to have great fun," said Malinoski.

Minx lasts about one to two weeks on fingernails and about six to eight weeks on toes. The cost is between $30-$60.

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