Free Comic Books! Pow! Zing!

It's one of the year's biggest superhero hoedowns.

Darwyn Cooke

Pretty crafty, Free Comic Book Day. Pretty crafty indeed.

We see you're set to roll on Saturday, May 5, which is just hours after the a) official beginning of the summer movie blockbuster season begins and b) one of the most anticipated based-on-a-comic movies makes its big debut.

In fact, Free Comic Book Day, we're picturing you standing atop a skyscraper, maybe like the Penguin, chuckling and rubbing your gloved hands together. Well played.

But we also know you're actually one of the good guys -- one of the very good guys, if you'll excuse our gushing -- and not at all like the Penguin or his chuckling, monocled ilk. You simply want to give away a free comic book to any comic fan who wants one on May 5.

C'mon. If everyone was that nice, villainy would be wiped from multi-paneled pages forever, and then where would that leave the graphic novel industry? Kaput. That's where.

We know you didn't choose May 5 solely because of "Marvel's The Avengers," but it is indeed good timing. And we bet a lot of people will be all stoked after the movie and ready to make for their local shop to nab their gratis copy of whatever and maybe drop a little cash on something they like, too.

And, fun: Free Comic Book Day comes just a few weeks after Record Store Day, which has a lot of the same local love at its funky heart. Should there be a "Blank Day" for every mom-and-pop-ery out there? Can someone keep organizing these things?

Sounds likes a job for a superhero. Or just a smart person who understands how, with these events, everyone wins. And by "everyone" we mean shop, industry, and customer alike.

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