DFW Connector Project Causes Traffic Woes in Grapevine

Update: Main lanes of SH 114/121 at Main St. in Grapevine have been reopened ahead of schedule, according to a press release from the DFW Connector project. Construction on the project completed early, allowing the main lanes to be reopened around 10:00 p.m. Sunday night -- around eight hours ahead of schedule.

Vehicles were moving at a snail's pace in Grapevine near the Main Street Bridge this weekend, leaving traffic backed up for miles.  While the mess frustrated drivers, businesses in the area felt the strain as well.

Bumper to bumper traffic definitely tried the nerves of many a driver along frontage roads near Main St. and SH 114 at SH 121.

"This is the worst thing I've ever seen," said one driver.  "Call this Dallas-Fort Worth planning.  This is terrible."

Blame the traffic on the DFW Connector Project.  This weekend crews are removing the Main Street Bridge, which shut down state highways 114 and 121 at Main Street.  Flips Patio Grill ended up with the perfect view of the aftermath.

"It started early this morning and it became a nightmare as the day went on," said Flips Patio Grill General Manager, Craig Edwards.

All day Saturday, Flips outdoor patio remained virtually empty.

"It usually fills up by 2:00 and stays that way from that time on," said Edwards.

The traffic from highway closures had a negative effect on business at the restaurant.

"We lost 35 to 40 people that were going to come in, in the down time, so that was an extra that would really help boost sales for the day and they called and couldn't get close to the area so they found another restaurant that they could go to," said Edwards.  "We did take a big hit.  We probably lost half our sales to this."

Edwards hopes the loss in revenues is just the price of progress and once the DFW Connector Project is finished, his restaurant will see a big pay off in the end.

"It's moving forward, progress," said Edwards.  "I really feel like they have a great plan going and they're working 24/7 for us so we can't ask for anymore than that."

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